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Reasons for Nurses Leaving the Profession

Purposes behind Nurses Leaving the Profession Developmental Assignment Understudy Number 16068177 Strachota et al. (2003) did a subjective report including 84 attendants across 3 emergency clinics investigating the reasons nurture left or changed status of work with their association. Purposive testing technique was utilized to enroll medical caretakers who fit the above models and worked under 9 months.ã‚â The creators led telephone meet with the utilization of content as guide followed by open-finished inquiries. For this situation, a pilot meet including 38 attendants was led to analyze the chronicle reactions. Be that as it may, the act of pilot meet is extraordinary in the examination utilizing meeting method. Having said that, pilot test on questions use in a meeting can be viewed as valuable particularly for amateur scientist as it assists with analyzing the conceivable reaction. As indicated by Sapsford et al. (2006) analyst will have the option to work out a lot of code and reaction classifications if the full arrangement of answers are secured by pilot meet as it i nvestigates the entire scope of potential reactions from the respondents. At long last, topical examination from this investigation indicated that hours worked was the fundamental explanation that made medical attendants leave. Then again, Abdul Rahman et al. (2015) recommended that representatives conduct and mentalities partner with turnover of workers and utilized a quantitative exploration which researched components of occupation fulfillment. The randomized examples contained 179 medical attendants whose age extended from 21 to 40 years of age. Utilizing factor investigation, this examination reasoned that workplace incorporates laborers advantage, proficient progression, support from partner and administrative level are factors influencing work fulfillments. By the by, an exploration by Tao et al. (2015) contended that the relationship of employment fulfillment and occupation turnover relies upon responsibility level of a person. In fact nurture level of responsibility is accepted to be age-related (Benligiray et al. 2011). Youthful and experienced medical attendants settle on various vocation choice as experience attendants see awards as a continuous procedure. Along these lines, more established medical caretakers may experience a similar measure of disappointment however ready to remain on. Likewise, generational factors in work turnover concentrated in 2007 by Takase et al. inferred that medical caretakers in various age bunch contrast in needs therefore motivation to leave. Assorted variety old enough, ethnic, sexual orientation and instruction of medical attendants cause esteems variety (Crook, M et al. 2003). Taking everything into account, qualities, needs and perspectives of an individual are affected by social demography factor s. In this way explanations for medical caretakers acquiescence should be recognized autonomously for the point of creating suitable maintenance techniques. References Benligiray, S. Sonmez, H. (2013). The examination of segment and work life factors which influence the word related duty of medical attendants. Diary of the executives improvement, 32(4), 419-434. Recovered from McNess-Smith, D.k. Hooligan, M. (2003). Nursing esteems and a changing medical attendant workforce esteems, age and occupation stages. Diary of nursing organization, 33(5), 260-270. Recovered from Munir, R.I.S. Abdul Rahman, R. (2015). Deciding elements of occupation fulfillment utilizing factor examination. Procedia financial aspects and money, 37, 488-496. Recovered from Sapsford, A Jupp, V. (2006). Information assortment and examination, Asking questions. (p103). (second ed.). London: SAGE Publication. Strachota, E., Normandin, P., OBrien, N., Clary, M. Krukow, B. (2003). Reasons enlisted medical attendants leave or change business status. Diary of nursing organization, 33(2), 111-117. Recovered from Takase, M., Oba, K. Yamashita, N. (2007) Generational contrasts in factors impacting work turnover among Japanese medical caretakers: An exploratory near plan. Universal diary of nursing examines, 46, 957-967. Recovered from Tao, H., Ellenbecker, C.H., Wang, Y. Li, Y. (2015). Analyzing view of occupation fulfillment and aim to leave among ICU nurture in China. Universal diary of nursing sciences, 2(2), 140-148. Recovered from

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Downfall Of Macbeth Essay Research Paper The free essay sample

Destruction Of Macbeth Essay, Research Paper The terrible destruction of Macbeth was non dictated by one individual reason. It was rather brought about by a mix of three dull powers: heavenly, outer, and interior. Extraordinary powers are spoken to by the three enchantresss and dim powers behind them. Woman Macbeth is an external power that pushes Macbeth towards the bleeding deeds. Macbeth # 8217 ; s ain desire Acts of the Apostless as make up ones disapproving of intensity in tenderizing him to his ruin. The truly start of the dramatization demonstrates that dull extraordinary powers will be included. Three eldritch sisters are fixing a shock for Macbeth, shock that will at long last be him life and the reclamation of his mind. Witches # 8217 ; expectations play extremely of import work in taking Macbeth to the abhorrence workss. Enchantresss are the first to release Macbeth # 8217 ; s # 8220 ; dark and profound wants # 8221 ; by guaranteeing him crown in the nearby from now on. They stunt Macbeth doing him to accept that he was destined to be lord by guaranteeing him the rubric of thane of Cawdor and convey throughing this guarantee. After this about incomprehensible expectation turns out to be genuine Macbeth concludes that he ought to go male ruler each piece great. His regal dreams and yearning Begin to assume control over his great side. He is persuaded that # 8220 ; Two facts were told/As upbeat preambles to the growing demonstration/Of the majestic topic. # 8221 ; The dull powers # 8220 ; win him with legit wastes of time to bewray in most profound result. # 8221 ; Not just they make Macbeth accepting about killing Duncan ; they other than carry him to the assurance to slaughter Banquo and his kid by expressing that Banquo # 8217 ; s children will be male rulers. All through the entire dramatization dim otherworldly powers deceive and hoodwink Macbeth. In Act IV the apparitions playing with words persuade him to proceed to stroll along the wicked path by reding him to be # 8220 ; grisly, strong, and unflinching # 8221 ; and to # 8220 ; have no dread. # 8221 ; These expectations give Macbeth confirmation to kill more casualties, with the goal that he has superbly no desire left for holding any virtuousnesss and possibility of change. After the enchantresss stir Macbeth # 8217 ; s wants of going male ruler, his wedded lady starts to drive Macbeth towards the existent demonstration of killing Duncan. Woman Macbeth thinks she knows unequivocally what Macbeth needs # 8211 ; going a male ruler # 8211 ; and concludes that she needs to constrain her hubby to make what he would neer make without her help # 8211 ; to execute Duncan. She neer genuinely attempts to infer much for herself and neer references that she needs to be sovereign. She needs Macbeth to be male ruler ; she needs glorification for him, non for herself. Woman Macbeth Acts of the Apostless like a female parent who constrains her cockamamie child to make the prep he doesn # 8217 ; t need to make since she needs him to be effective in his life. She neer requests the need of Macbeth going male ruler and neer pays taking care of Macbeth # 8217 ; s thoughts and notion, simply as female parent would neer consideration about her kid # 8217 ; s estimation about the # 8217 ; idiotic # 8217 ; prep. Macbeth # 8217 ; s assurance to # 8220 ; proceed no more remote in this worry # 8221 ; ( I.vii ) was non even considered as a potential outcome by her. Woman Macbeth utilizes all the techniques she can to change over her hubby to kill Duncan. She utilizes Macbeth # 8217 ; s love to her as an instrument expressing that on the off chance that he will non execute the male ruler he genuinely doesn # 8217 ; t love her. She inquires as to whether he is a grown-up male, reveals to him that he will be # 8220 ; a lot more a grown-up male # 8221 ; subsequent to killing Duncan. She gives Macbeth an outline of how undaunted and unfeeling he ought to state him that she # 8211 ; grown-up female who should be sort and humane # 8211 ; would have the option to slaughter her ain child: I would, while it [ darling ] was grinning in my face, Have pluck # 8217 ; d my mammilla from his boneless gums, Furthermore, elan # 8217 ; d the encephalons out, had I so swore As you have done to this. R/gt ; ( I.vii.61-64 ) Woman Macbeth utilized the Macbeth # 8217 ; s sentiments towards her, his boldness, his goal-oriented nature, his dark wants as instruments to do Macbeth to make what she thinks will pass on him achievement and fulfillment. Enchantresss and Lady Macbeth distinctly attempted to force Macbeth to slaughter Duncan and to go on the grouping of horrendous slayings. Notwithstanding, Macbeth was non a powerless willed puppet that others could simple order. He was a fearless and solid grown-up male who could oppose outside impacts and do his ain assurance. For what reason did he let his wedded lady and enchantresss to change over him to make what he thought was inaccurate to thing to make? The answer is that he needed to be persuaded. Truth be told, Macbeth started to accept about going ruler even before he met the enchantresss. This clarifies his uncommon response after he hold heared the enchantresss # 8217 ; anticipations. Banquo noted with shock: Great sir, for what reason do you get down, and appear to fear Thingss that do sound so just? Macbeth is apprehensive and feels regretful after he gets extraordinary expectations of going thane of Cawdor and male ruler! The solitary record is that enchantresss think his ain thoughts and discover him accepting about such a shrewd thing as executing Duncan. Another grounds to back up the idea that Macbeth needed to kill Duncan is the response of Lady Macbeth after she peruses Macbeth # 8217 ; s note. Her thoughts in a flash bounce to killing, despite the fact that killing was non even referenced wherever in the letter. It appears that Macbeth had been care foring the idea of killing Duncan for a long clasp and examined it with Lady Macbeth commonly. In their duologue in I.v neither woman Macbeth nor Macbeth himself makes reference to the word # 8216 ; killing # 8217 ; . The solitary hint that Duncan will neer go forward the royal residence alive is given in the undermentioned lines: Macbeth My dearest love, Duncan comes here to-night. Woman MACBETH Also, when goes in this way? Macbeth To-morrow, as he purposes. Woman MACBETH O, neer Will Sun that morrow see! In the event that Macbeth were a guiltless sheep before enchantresss and Lady Macbeth have gone him to a savage criminal, he wouldn # 8217 ; t comprehend what Lady Macbeth was talking about. Be that as it may, on the grounds that his clouded side had started to battle with the great side even before the start of the dramatization, he gets promptly what his wedded lady # 8217 ; s programs are. He despite everything has vulnerabilities, however he needs to accept that he is destined to be above all else. He needs to get backing and guidance for killing Duncan from both enchantresss and Lady Macbeth and gets them. Macbeth needs this push from the outside powers to stamp down his qualms and get down executing bleeding offenses. After the insidious side of Macbeth # 8217 ; s character gets help from the enchantresss and Lady Macbeth it entirely assumes control over his great side and would now be able to move without anyone else with no guide from the outside. Macbeth following killing in the wake of murdering Duncan and grooms # 8211 ; killing of Banquo # 8211 ; is neer prompted by the eldritch sisters or upheld by his wedded lady. There is consummately no ground of killing Macduff # 8217 ; s family. In choice, despite the fact that Lady Macbeth and the enchantresss played an of import work in changing over Macbeth to execute Duncan, interior power was the vast majority of import of each of the three. It was Macbeth who concurred with them, Macbeth who submitted the killing, Macbeth who chose to continue strolling along the grisly way. Be that as it may, it # 8217 ; s extremely implausible that all the occasions in the dramatization would hold occurred, if there had non been help given by the enchantresss and Macbeth # 8217 ; s wedded lady. The deadly mix of the three consolidated powers created the grievous result. 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Are Loans Financial Aid COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY - SIPA Admissions Blog

Are Loans Financial Aid COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY - SIPA Admissions Blog A common refrain/question that sometimes surrounds discussions of financial aid is, I do not consider loans to be financial aid, why do you note them as a financial aid option? It might not be the best analogy, but the majority of people that buy a home do so by obtaining a loan from a bank.   This could be defined as home aid in the sense that many people cannot afford to pay for their home in cash.   If a loan was not available, there would be no other option. It is not a reach in my eyes to look at financing a graduate school education the same way.   To use a personal example, without the option of taking out a loan, there is no way I would have been able to pay for my graduate education.   I considered loans to be an aid in helping me to achieve my goal of a graduate education.   I also took out loans for my undergraduate degree and to me loans for both programs were a worth while investment. I have purchased and then sold one home in my life and I can tell you for a fact that my graduate degree was a far better investment.   The skills and earning power I gained from my graduate degree mean more than any equity I could have earned in a home.   As a bonus, my degrees do not need to be repainted or re-shingled. To continue the home analogy, it would be rare for someone to walk up to a home with a For Sale sign in front and without any footwork have a realistic chance of buying it.   Typically people considering a home purchase will first contact financial agencies to determine if s/he is eligible for financing and if so, how much.   Buyers then engage in a search for homes that fit into their budget. While the analogy to purchasing a home is not a perfect one, I do not think it is wise to apply for graduate school and wait until after you receive an offer to start thinking about the cost and aid options.   While SIPA does allocate around $7 million each year on fellowships for students, a limited number of first year students receive funding (around 10-15%).   Therefore it is wise to start thinking about how you are going to fund your education and for the average SIPA student, loans are aid that helps make attending possible. It is not necessary to start applying for loans now, that can come if you are admitted.   But it can help to read about loan terms and repayment plans. In a previous post I gave some advice on researching financial aid options so I will not revisit them here but the moral of the story is, the more time you spend looking the better prepared you will be.

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A Young Man s Dream - 2008 Words

A Young Man’s Dream NARRATIVE It was a shivery cloudy Sunday evening in my faded baby blue house. I was slouched on my old green couch with my father beside me. While interviewing my father, Jose sixty-three years old and brown skinned, and his hair short; mixed with gray and black. He was wearing a black polyester sweater with red stripes and underneath a green washed out shirt, his usual blue jeans, and regular brown dress up shoes. A person who doesn’t care what he wears because he goes for comfort. I can smell the breeze of the Guava Pina Colada scent, with the television turned on the Univision channel. You can see his straight-faced expression thinking of having better life chances (see pg. 9) for his future children/family. He, then†¦show more content†¦My father while looking at the bus getting filled very quickly makes a startled expression. He saw his father being the last one to get into a rusty old bus. So, he was not able to be on the same bus. I can see my father getting anxious. He explained, â€Å"I didn’t even tell the immigration that it was my father,† ‘So we got separated into different buses.† My dad while in the bus was looking out the window downhearted. After a whole night sitting on the bus, the warm morning came, the sun had barely risen. Eventually, the buses got to a restaurant called El Tianguis Del Camaron. My father worried started looking for his father, and my grandpa was looking for my father as well. My father starts laughing and describing, â€Å"I felt overwhelmed because there was a lot of people running everywhere and pushing each other around looking for relatives as well.† He got super excited because the person he saw was my grandpa. They hugged each other like never before. They went to the restaurant and ate some delicious Camarones(shrimp) and a refreshing glass of Coca-cola. My father was actually feeling calm, and rested his arm on the side of the couch as he goes on. My father went through all these obstacles and still is managing to be strong and achieve his ultimate dream. A different time attempting to get to the United States, they worked very hard at harvesting tomatoes in San Jose de Los Rios, Mochis Sinaloa. They worked there every day for aboutShow MoreRelatedThe Curse Of A Vivid Dream915 Words   |  4 Pagescurse of a vivid dream The hero’s journey is theory by Joseph Campbell. It states that all great stories include the same characters that have to undergo seven stages that are the hero, herald, mentor, threshold guardian, trickster, shapeshifter and shadow. In the story Young Goodman Brown was once a great man. Now he sees everyone as a sinful and bitter person, how did this come to be? It all began one night when Young Goodman Brown had a dream that changed his life forever. In his dream he saw his wifeRead More Gatsbys Dream and Daisys Conflicts in The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald1163 Words   |  5 PagesGatsbys Dream and Daisys Conflicts in The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald Jay Gatsby, the central character of F. Scott Fitzgerald?s The Great Gatsby symbolizes the American dream. The American dream offers faith in the possibility of a better life. Its attendant illusion is the belief that material wealth alone can bring that dream to fruition. Through Gatsby, Fitzgerald brings together both these ideas. Jay Gatsby thinks money is the answer to anything he encounters. He has theRead MoreExamples Of Fulfilling The American Dream In The Great Gatsby1071 Words   |  5 PagesFulfilling The American Dream What is the American Dream? The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald was published in 1925. The novel takes place in New York, during the roaring ‘20’s of the 1900’s. The novel is about a young man named Gatsby who tries to gain back love from a woman named Daisy Buchanan. The American Dream is a reoccurring symbol throughout this book. The characters in the novel all had their very own ways of interpreting the American Dream. Characters like Nick Carraway, Gatsby, andRead MoreThe Hero s Journey Is Theory By Joseph Campbell925 Words   |  4 Pagesshapeshifter and shadow. In the story Young Goodman Brown was once a great man. Now he sees everyone as a sinful and bitter person, how did this come to be? It all began one night when Young Goodman Brown had a dream that changed his life forever. In his dream he saw his wife and the good people of his town attend a Witches’ Sabbath. This changes Young Goodman Brown`s perception of reality and how he perceives ev eryone around him to be devil worshippers. The changes Young Goodman Brown goes through mentallyRead MoreModern Man In Search Of A Soul Essay1695 Words   |  7 Pages In his book, Modern Man In Search Of A Soul, C.G. Jung gives a layman knowledge into his thoughts on dream investigation. Jung s essential goal in this book is to instruct the peruser in the matter of what a psychoanalyst does while breaking down a patient s fantasies. The vital message in the book focused on dream investigation is that fantasies ought to never remain solitary. Dreams are inane in a vacuum, however then again when set against a strict arrangement of guidelines, they are generallyRead MoreNathaniel Hawthorne s Young Goodman Brown1312 Words   |  6 PagesWithin Nathaniel Hawthorne s short story Young Goodman Brown (p.317), Young Goodman Brown travels through a dark and mysterious forest late at night. Ignoring the pleas of his pure wife Faith, he ventures deep into the woods with many dangers around him, only to emerge in the morning a changed man with bewildered views on his own Puritan life and the Puritan community around him. At the cause for this change in minds et, the dream of an old man symbolizing the devil appears, showing him the communityRead MoreThe Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald1512 Words   |  7 Pagesbecame upstarts by unscrupulous and illegal ways. Fitzgerald used the character Gatsby to satirize the outlaws who pursue their American Dream by illegal ways and people who were rich in material but poor in spiritual. In this essay, I ll argue that though the Great Gatsby seems a novel about love and realism, it actually discusses the collapse of American Dream and exposes the materialism, the collapse of American society and the evil of the capitalists in America after the First World War underRead MoreThe Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald1431 Words   |  6 PagesThe American Dream is dead. This is the main theme in F. Scott Fitzgerald s novel The Great Gatsby. In the novel Fitzgerald gives us a glimpse into the life of the high class during the roaring twenties through the eyes of a moralistic young man named Nick Carra way. It is through the narrator s dealings with high society that readers are shown how modern values have transformed the American Dream s pure ideals into a scheme for materialistic power and further, how the world of high society lacksRead MoreAmerican Writers Like Zora Nealle Hurston, F. Scott Fitzgerald, William Faulkner, And Ernest Hemingway947 Words   |  4 PagesAmanda Niedelman Dr. Dolgin 11/17/15 The 1930’s were certainly a marked departure from the 1920s. The nation plummeted into the worst economic depression in its history and the social and cultural consequences were huge. One of the most interesting developments is the changing relationship between intellectuals and the broader public in those years. Many American writers like Zora Nealle Hurston, F. Scott Fitzgerald, William Faulkner, and Ernest Hemingway grew skeptical and weary of the generalRead MoreWhat If All Princesses Shared All The Same Traits?1553 Words   |  7 Pagesof a few traits that are shared by the origina Disney princesses. Most of the â€Å"ideal† Disney princesses that young girls/boys look up too are not necessarily the best characters to look up to. Princesses such as Snow White, Little Mermaid and of course the most popular, Cinderella. In most movies princesses are portrayed as passive, happy homemakers, that rely solely on waiting for a man to give them a reason worth living.Crit ics Gillam and Wooden have argued that â€Å" Feminist thought that has shaped

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Health Care Delivery System Of The United States - 877 Words

Health Care Delivery System The health care delivery system of the United States is unique compared to the other developed countries. The health care system of United States relies on the development and implementation of new health care technology. The use of new technology in the field of health care will help to provide services with increased quality and efficacy (Shi Singh, 2015). The external forces affecting the provision of health care delivery also has an inevitable role in the functioning of the system. The affordable care act (ACA) or â€Å"Obama Care† was signed into law by president Barack Obama on March 23, 2010 with the goal to give more Americans access to affordable, quality health insurance, and to reduce the growth in the U.S. health care spending (Ober Craven, 2010). Influence of Technology on Health Care Technology permeates every domain of critical care and has contributed to rising survival rates. The technological innovation grew out of boundaries, changing all industries involved. In health care, the advancement in science and technology play an important role in almost all process from patient registration to data monitoring, from lab tests to self-care. The emergence of electronic medical record system (EMR), portal technology, remote monitoring tools, wireless communication telemedicine, sensors and wearable technology, Pharmacogenomics are all examples of advancements in the health care that have emerged over the last few years. TheseShow MoreRelatedHealth Care Delivery System in the United States1327 Words   |  6 PagesHealth Care Delivery System in the United States Diana Horton Trident University Health Care Delivery Systems MHA507 Dr. Thomas Esch January 19, 2013 Health Care Delivery System in the United States Introduction: The problem: Access to health care physically and financially, healthcare system in today’s society has failed to provide quality care for the U.S. Americans. There are so many ways that the system falls short in providing proper care. The healthcare is mainly based on the governmentRead MoreHealth Care Delivery System in the United States1460 Words   |  6 PagesThe United States health care delivery system is comprised of a complex, unorganized and flawed health system, compared to that of Australia’s health care system. The four components of the inefficient system in the United States are categorized into a quad-functional model. Financing, insurance, deliver and payment are the four flawed components. Australia’s efficient and organized system is based on a national health system, which consists of one central agency; the government. The United StatesRead MoreHealth Care Delivery System During The United States1752 Words   |  8 PagesHeal th Care Delivery System in the United States The whole world has issues with healthcare and how to provide care for all their citizens. The United States is currently in the process of making changes to its healthcare system. There are currently multiple types of health insurance in the United States. Today, I will address the health care insurance I have, its products, source of my insurance, my out-of-pocket expenses, the level of coverage I receive with my plan, the major limitations to myRead MoreAdministrations Health Care Delivery System in the United States688 Words   |  3 PagesExamine the Administrations Health Care Delivery System in the United States Over the last several years, a wide variety of health care organizations have been facing a number of challenges. This is because of pressures associated with: rising costs, increasing demands and larger numbers of patients. For many facilities this has created a situation where patient safety issues are often overlooked. This is because the staff is facing tremendous amounts of pressure, long hours and more patientsRead MoreHealth Care Delivery System Throughout The United States1891 Words   |  8 PagesHealth Care Delivery System in the United States Healthcare is a hot topic for all Americans and everyone has their own views on how the healthcare system should run. This includes the public and the politicians. Today we are going to address issues in the United States healthcare system including access to care for both physical and financial reasons, how payment for care runs the industry, and quality of care in the aspects of internal factors including: public insurance plans, and private insuranceRead MoreObservations And Analysis Of The United States Health Care Delivery System1403 Words   |  6 Pagesand analysis of the comparison: The Matrix tells that the US health care delivery system that (The process that enables people to receive health care or the provision of health care services to patients) is complex and massive, and despite the uniqueness of the US health care delivery system, but it lacks the universal access (no national health care program); therefore, not all population has continuous and comprehensive health care. Its mission is to have universal access with better quality.Read MoreHealth Care Systems Are Different In Every Country Around1603 Words   |  7 PagesHealth care systems are different in every country around the world. There are four main components that complete a health care delivery system, described by Shi and Singh (2015) as the quad-function model, which includes insurance, financing, payment and delivery of care (p. 5). Along with the components of the quad-function model it is important to analyze a countries access to care, their health outcomes and how public health is in tegrated into the health care delivery system. The United StatesRead MoreHealth Delivery System Of The United States1539 Words   |  7 PagesTutor: Date: Health delivery system in the US versus England The background of health delivery system in both US and England The health care system of the United States is different. This term means an act of offering patients health care services. In spite of the role of the federal government as the sole main player for the health care, no set of policies or national identity to guide the health care system. The majority of developed nations, unlike the United States, have nationwide health insuranceRead MoreHealth Care Vs. Healthcare System1052 Words   |  5 Pages Body system requires functioning well in order to be active to perform daily living activities. Unfortunately, there are many health related issues and diseases that have been serious challenges to human kind. Diseases such as cancer, HIV, chronic illnesses, unpredicted accidents, and many others have been unavoidable situation for some people. Each ethnicity groups also are genetically tied to a certain type of illnesses. Poverty and lack of education play a major role in these health issuesRead MoreTechnological Advances in the United S tates Healthcare1220 Words   |  5 PagesTechnological Advances Healthcare delivery in the United States has morphed through substantial changes over the years with most changes occurring as a result of technological advances in medicine. Though technological advances directly affect health care delivery in America, other factors affect it as well. As reported by Ball (2012), two of the earliest and most important technological advances that affected the system of health care delivery in the United States were the invention of the x-ray and

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Forward the Foundation Chapter 13 Free Essays

16 Gambol Deen Namarti was not, at even the best of times, noted for his politeness and suavity-and the approaching climax of a decade of planning had left his disposition sour. He rose from his chair with some agitation and said, â€Å"You’ve taken your time getting here, Andorin.† Andorin shrugged. We will write a custom essay sample on Forward the Foundation Chapter 13 or any similar topic only for you Order Now â€Å"But I’m here.† â€Å"And this young man of yours-this remarkable tool that you’re touting. Where is he?† â€Å"He’ll be here eventually.† â€Å"Why not now?† Andorin’s rather handsome head seemed to sink a bit, as though he were lost in thought or coming to a decision, and then he said abruptly, â€Å"I don’t want to bring him until I know where I stand.† â€Å"What does that mean?† â€Å"Simple words in Galactic Standard. How long has it been your aim to get rid of Hari Seldon?† â€Å"Always! Always! Is that so hard to understand? We deserve revenge for what he did to Jo-Jo. Even if he hadn’t done that, since he’s the First Minister, we’d have to put him out of the way.† â€Å"But it’s Cleon-Cleon-who must be brought down. If not only he, then at least he, in addition to Seldon.† â€Å"Why does a figurehead concern you?† â€Å"You weren’t born yesterday. I’ve never had to explain my part in this because you’re not so ignorant a fool as not to know. What can I possibly care about your plans if they don’t include a replacement on the throne?† Namarti laughed. â€Å"Of course. I’ve known for a long time that you look upon me as your footstool, your way of climbing up to the Imperial throne.† â€Å"Would you expect anything else?† â€Å"Not at all. I will do the planning, take the chances, and then, when all is quite done, you gather in the reward. It makes sense, doesn’t it?† â€Å"Yes, it does make sense, for the reward will be yours, too. Won’t you become the First Minister? Won’t you be able to count on the full support of a new Emperor, one who is filled with gratitude? Won’t I be†-and his face twisted with irony as he spat out the words-â€Å"the new figurehead?† â€Å"Is that what you plan to be? A figurehead?† â€Å"I plan to be the Emperor. I supplied advances of credit when you had none. I supplied the cadre when you had none. I supplied the respectability you needed to build a large organization here in Wye. I can still withdraw everything I’ve brought in.† â€Å"I don’t think so.† â€Å"Do you want to risk it? Don’t think you can treat me the way you treated Kaspalov, either. If anything happens to me, Wye will become uninhabitable for you and yours-and you will find that no other sector will supply you with what you need.† Namarti sighed. â€Å"Then you insist on having the Emperor killed.† â€Å"I didn’t say ‘killed.’ I said `brought down.’ The details I leave to you.† This last statement was accompanied with an almost dismissive wave of the hand, a flick of the wrist, as if Andorin were already sitting on the Imperial throne. â€Å"And then you’ll be Emperor?† â€Å"Yes.† â€Å"No, you won’t. You’ll be dead-and not at my hands, either. Andorin, let me teach you some of the facts of life. If Cleon is killed, then the matter of the succession comes up and, to avoid civil war, the Imperial Guard will at once kill every member of the Wyan Mayoral family they can find-you first of all. On the other hand, if only the First Minister is killed, you will be safe.† â€Å"Why?† â€Å"A First Minister is only a First Minister. They come and go. It is possible that Cleon himself may have grown tired of him and arranged the murder. Certainly we would see to it that rumors of this sort are spread. The Imperial Guard would hesitate and would give us a chance to put the new government into place. Indeed, it is quite possible that they themselves would be grateful for the end of Seldon.† â€Å"And with the new government in place, what am I to do? Keep on waiting? Forever?† â€Å"No. Once I’m First Minister, there will be ways of dealing with Cleon. I may even be able to do something with the Imperial Guard-and even with the security establishment-and use them all as my instruments. I will then manage to find some safe way of getting rid of Cleon and replacing him with you.† Andorin burst out, â€Å"Why should you?† Namarti said, â€Å"What do you mean, why should I?† â€Å"You have a personal grudge against Seldon. Once he is gone, why should you run unnecessary risks at the highest level? You will make your peace with Cleon and I will have to retire to my crumbling estate and my impossible dreams. And perhaps, to play it safe, you will have me killed.† Namarti said, â€Å"No! Cleon was born to the throne. He comes from several generations of Emperors-the proud Entun Dynasty. He would he very difficult to handle, a plague. You, on the other hand, would come to the throne as a member of a new dynasty, without any strong ties to tradition, for the previous Wyan Emperors were, you will admit, totally undistinguished. You will be seated on a shaky throne and will need someone to support you-me. And I will need someone who is dependent upon me and whom I can therefore handle you. Come, Andorin, ours is not a marriage of love, which fades in a year; it is a marriage of convenience, which can last as long as we both live. Let us trust each other.† â€Å"You swear I will be Emperor.† â€Å"What good would swearing do if you couldn’t trust my word? Let us say I would find you an extraordinarily useful Emperor and I would want you to replace Cleon as soon as that can safely be managed. Now introduce me to this man you think will be the perfect tool for your purposes.† â€Å"Very well. And remember what makes him different. I have studied him. He’s a not-very-bright idealist. He will do what he’s told, unconcerned by danger, unconcerned by second thoughts. And he exudes a kind of trustworthiness so that his victim will trust him, even if he has a blaster in his hand.† â€Å"I find that impossible to believe.† â€Å"Wait till you meet him,† said Andorin. 17 Raych kept his eyes down. He had taken a quick look at Namarti and it was all he needed. He had met the man ten years before, when Raych had been sent to lure Jo-Jo Joranum to his destruction, and one look was more than enough. Namarti had changed little in ten years. Anger and hatred were still the dominant characteristics one could see in him-or that Raych could see in him, at any rate, for he realized he was not an impartial witness-and those seemed to have marinated him into leathery permanence. His face was a trifle more gaunt, his hair was flecked with gray, but his thin-lipped mouth was set in the same harsh line and his dark eyes were as brilliantly dangerous as ever. That was enough and Raych kept his eyes averted. Namarti, he felt, was not the type of person who would take to someone who could stare lm straight in the face. Namarti seemed to devour Raych with his own eyes, but the slight sneer his face always seemed to wear remained. He turned to Andorin, who stood uneasily to one side, and said, quite;is though the subject of conversation were not present, â€Å"This is the man, then.† Andorin nodded and his lips moved in a soundless â€Å"Yes, Chief.† Namarti said to Raych abruptly, â€Å"Your name.† â€Å"Planchet, sir.† â€Å"You believe in our cause?† â€Å"Yes, sir.† He spoke carefully, in accordance with Andorin’s instructions. â€Å"I am a democrat and want greater participation of the people in the governmental process.† Namarti’s eyes flicked in Andorin’s direction. â€Å"A speechmaker.† He looked back at Raych. â€Å"Are you willing to undertake risks for the cause?† â€Å"Any risk, sir.† â€Å"You will do as you are told? No questions? No hanging back?† â€Å"I will follow orders.† â€Å"Do you know anything about gardening?† Raych hesitated. â€Å"No, sir.† â€Å"You’re a Trantorian, then? Born under the dome?† â€Å"I was born in Millimaru, sir, and I was brought up in Dahl.† â€Å"Very well,† said Namarti. Then to Andorin, â€Å"Take him out and deliver him temporarily to the men waiting there. They will take good care of him. Then come back, Andorin. I want to speak to you.† When Andorin returned, a profound change had come over Namarti. His eyes were glittering and his mouth was twisted into a feral grin. â€Å"Andorin,† he said, â€Å"the gods we spoke of the other day are with us to an extent I couldn’t have imagined.† â€Å"I told you the man was suitable for our purposes.† â€Å"Far more suitable than you think. You know, of course, the tale of how Hari Seldon our revered First Minister, sent his son-or foster son, rather-to see Joranum and to set the trap into which Joranum, against my advice, fell.† â€Å"Yes,† said Andorin, nodding wearily, â€Å"I know the story.† He said it with the air of one who knew the story entirely too well. â€Å"I saw that boy only that once, but his image burned into my brain. Do you suppose that ten years’ passage and false heels and a shaved mustache could fool me? That Planchet of yours is Raych, the foster son of Hari Seldon.† Andorin paled and held his breath for a moment. He said, â€Å"Are you sure of that, Chief?† â€Å"As sure as I am that you’re standing here in front of me and that you have introduced an enemy into our midst.† â€Å"I had no idea-â€Å" â€Å"Don’t get nervous,† said Namarti. â€Å"I consider it the best thing you have ever done in your idle aristocratic life. You have played the role that the gods have marked out for you. If I had not known who he was, he might have fulfilled the function for which he was undoubtedly intended: to be a spy in our midst and an informant of our most secret plans. But since I know who he is, it won’t work that way. Instead, we now have everything.† Namarti rubbed his hands together in delight and, haltingly, as if he realized how far out of character it was for him, he smiled-and laughed. 18 Manella said thoughtfully, â€Å"I guess I won’t be seeing you anymore, Planchet.† Raych was drying himself after his shower. â€Å"Why not?† â€Å"Gleb Andorin doesn’t want me to.† â€Å"Why not?† Manella shrugged her smooth shoulders. â€Å"He says you have important work to do and no more time to fool around. Maybe he means you’ll get a better job.† Raych stiffened. â€Å"What kind of work? Did he mention anything in particular?† â€Å"No, but he said he would be going to the Imperial Sector.† â€Å"Did he? Does he often tell you things like that?† â€Å"You know how it is, Planchet. When a fellow’s in bed with you, he talks a lot.† â€Å"I know,† said Raych, who was always careful not to. â€Å"What else does he say?† â€Å"Why do you ask?† She frowned a bit. â€Å"He always asks about you, too. I noticed that about men. They’re curious about each other. Why is that, do you suppose?† â€Å"What do you tell him about me?† â€Å"Not much. Just that you’re a very decent sort of guy. Naturally I don’t tell him that I like you better than I like him. That would hurt his feelings-and it might hurt me, too.† Raych was getting dressed. â€Å"So it’s good-bye, then.† â€Å"For a while, I suppose. Gleb may change his mind. Of course, I’d like to go to the Imperial Sector-if he’d take me. I’ve never been there.† Raych almost slipped, but he managed to cough, then said, â€Å"I’ve never been there, either.† â€Å"It’s got the biggest buildings and the nicest places and the fanciest restaurants-and that’s where the rich people live. I’d like to meet some rich people-besides Gleb, I mean.† Raych said, â€Å"I suppose there’s not much you can get out of a person like me.† â€Å"You’re all right. You can’t think of credits all the time, but you’ve got to think of them some of the time. Especially since I think Gleb is getting tired of me.† Raych felt compelled to say, â€Å"No one could get tired of you,† and then found, a little to his own confusion, that he meant it. Manella said, â€Å"That’s what men always say, but you’d be surprised. Anyway, it’s been good, you and I, Planchet. Take care of yourself and, who knows, we may see each other again.† Raych nodded and found himself at a loss for words. There was no way in which he could say or do anything to express his feelings. He turned his mind in other directions. He had to find out what the Namarti people were planning. If they were separating him from Manella, the crisis must be rapidly approaching. All he had to go on was that odd question about gardening. Nor could he get any further information back to Seldon. He had been kept under close scrutiny since his meeting with Namarti and all avenues of communication were cut off-surely another indication of an approaching crisis. But if he were to find out what was going on only after it was done-and if he could communicate the news only after it was no longer news-he would have failed. 19 Hari Seldon was not having a good day. He had not heard from Raych since his first communique; he had no idea what was happening. Aside from his natural concern for Raych’s safety (surely he would hear if something really bad had happened), there was his uneasiness over what might be planned. It would have to be subtle. A direct attack on the Palace itself was totally out of the question. Security there was far too tight. But if so, what else could be planned that would be sufficiently effective? The whole thing was keeping him awake at night and distracted by day. The signal light flashed. â€Å"First Minister. Your two o’clock appointment, sir-â€Å" â€Å"What two o’clock appointment is this?† â€Å"Mandell Gruber, the gardener. He has the necessary certification.† Seldon remembered. â€Å"Yes. Send him in.† This was no time to see Gruber, but he had agreed to it in a moment of weakness-the man had seemed distraught. A First Minister should not have such moments of weakness, but Seldon had been Seldon long before he had become First:Minister. â€Å"Come in, Gruber,† he said kindly. Gruber stood before him, head ducking mechanically, eyes darting this way and that. Seldon was quite certain the gardener had never been in any room as magnificent as this one and he had the bitter urge to say: â€Å"Do you like it? Please take it. I don’t want it.† But he only said, â€Å"What is it, Gruber? Why are you so unhappy† There was no immediate answer; Gruber merely smiled vacantly. Seldon said, â€Å"Sit down, man. Right there in that chair.† â€Å"Oh no, First Minister. It would not be fitting. I’ll get it dirty.† â€Å"If you do, it will be easy to clean. Do as I say. Good! Now just sit there a minute or two and gather your thoughts. Then, when you are ready, tell me what’s the matter.† Gruber sat silent for a moment, then the words came out in a panting rush. â€Å"First Minister. It is Chief Gardener I am to be. The blessed Emperor himself told me so.† â€Å"Yes, I have heard of that, but that surely isn’t what is troubling you. Your new post is a matter of congratulations and I do congratulate you. I may even have contributed to it, Gruber. I have never forgotten your bravery at the time I was nearly killed and you can be sure I mentioned it to His Imperial Majesty. It is a suitable reward, Gruber, and you would deserve the promotion in any case, for it is quite clear from your record that you are fully qualified for the post. So, now that that’s out of the way, tell me what is troubling you.† â€Å"First Minister, it is the very post and promotion that’s troubling me. It is something I cannot manage, for I am not qualified.† â€Å"We are convinced you are.† Gruber grew agitated. â€Å"And is it in an office I will have to sit? I can’t sit in an office. I could not go out in the open air and work with the plants and animals. I would be in prison, First Minister.† Seldon’s eyes opened wide. â€Å"No such thing, Gruber. You needn’t stay in the office longer than you have to. You could wander around the grounds freely, supervising everything. You will have all the outdoors you want and you will merely spare yourself the hard work.† â€Å"I want the hard work, First Minister, and it’s no chance at all they will let me come out of the office. I have watched the present Chief Gardener. He couldn’t leave his office, though he wanted to, ever so. There is too much administration, too much bookkeeping. Sure, if he wants to know what is going on, we must go to his office to tell him. He watches things on holovision â€Å"-he said with infinite contempt â€Å"as though you can tell anything about growing, living things from pictures. It is not for me, First Minister.† â€Å"Come, Gruber, be a man. It’s not all that bad. You’ll get used to it. You’ll work your way in slowly.† Gruber shook his head. â€Å"First off-at the very first-I will have to deal with all the new gardeners. I’ll be buried.† Then, with sudden energy, â€Å"It is a job I do not want and must not have, First Minister.† â€Å"Right now, Gruber, perhaps you don’t want the job, but you are not alone. I’ll tell you that right now I wish I were not First Minister. This job is too much for me. I even have a notion that there are times when the Emperor himself is tired of his Imperial robes. We’re all in this Galaxy to do our work and the work isn’t always pleasant.† â€Å"I understand that, First Minister, but the Emperor must be Emperor, for he was born to that. And you must be First Minister, for there is no one else who can do the job. But in my case, it is just Chief Gardener we are ruminating upon. There are fifty gardeners in the place who could do it as well as I could and who wouldn’t mind the office. You say that you spoke to the Emperor about how I tried to help you. Can’t you speak to him again and explain that if he wants to reward me for what I did, he can leave me as I am?† Seldon leaned back in his chair and said solemnly, â€Å"Gruber, I would do that for you if I could, but I must explain something to you and I can only hope that you will understand it. The Emperor, in theory, is absolute ruler of the Empire. In actual fact, there is very little he can do. I run the Empire right now much more than he does and there is very little I can do, too. There are millions and billions of people at all levels of government, all making decisions, all making mistakes, some acting wisely and heroically, some acting foolishly and thievishly. There’s no controlling them. Do you understand me, Gruber?† â€Å"I do, but what has this to do with my case?† â€Å"Because there is only one place where the Emperor is really absolute ruler-and that is over the Imperial grounds. Here, his word is law and the layers of officials beneath him are few enough for him to handle. For him to be asked to rescind a decision he has made in connection with the Imperial Palace grounds would be to invade the only area that he would consider inviolate. If I were to say, ‘Take back your decision on Gruber, Your Imperial Majesty,’ he would be much more likely to relieve me of my duties than to take back his decision. That might be a good thing for me, but it wouldn’t help you any.† Gruber said, â€Å"Does that mean there’s no way things can be changed?† â€Å"That’s exactly what it means. But don’t worry, Gruber, I’ll help you all I can. I’m sorry. But now I have really spent all the time with you that I am able to spare.† Gruber rose to his feet. In his hands he twisted his green gardening cap. There was more than a suspicion of tears in his eyes. â€Å"Thank you, First Minister. I know you would like to help. You’re-you’re a good man, First Minister.† He turned and left, sorrowing. Seldon looked after him thoughtfully and shook his head. Multiply Gruber’s woes by a quadrillion and you would have the woes of all the people of the twenty-five million worlds of the Empire and how was he, Seldon, to work out salvation for all of them, when he was helpless to solve the problem of one single man who had come to him for help? Psychohistory could not save one man. Could it save a quadrillion? He shook his head again, checked the nature and time of his next appointment, and then suddenly stiffened. He shouted into his communications wire in sudden wild abandon, quite unlike his usually strict control. â€Å"Get that gardener back! Get him back here right now!† 20 â€Å"What’s this about new gardeners?† exclaimed Seldon. This time he did not ask Gruber to sit down. Gruber’s eyes blinked rapidly. He was in a panic at having been recalled so unexpectedly. â€Å"N-new g-gardeners?† he stammered. â€Å"You said ‘all the new gardeners.’ Those were your words. What new gardeners?† Gruber was astonished. â€Å"Sure, if there is a new Chief Gardener, there will be new gardeners. It is the custom.† â€Å"I have never heard of this.† â€Å"The last time we had a change of Chief Gardeners, you were not First Minister. It is likely you were not even on Trantor.† â€Å"But what’s it all about?† â€Å"Well, gardeners are never discharged. Some die. Some grow too old and are pensioned off and replaced. Still, by the time a new Chief Gardener is ready for his duties, at least half the staff is aged and beyond their best years. They are all pensioned off generously and new gardeners are brought in.† â€Å"For youth.† â€Å"Partly and partly because by that time there are usually new plans for the gardens and it is new ideas and new schemes we must have. There are almost five hundred square kilometers in the gardens and parklands and it usually takes some years to reorganize it and it is myself who will have to supervise it all. Please, First Minister.† Gruber was gasping. â€Å"Surely a clever man like your own self can find a way to change the blessed Emperor’s mind.† Seldon paid no attention. His forehead was creased in concentration. â€Å"Where do the new gardeners come from?† â€Å"There are examinations on all the worlds-there are always people waiting to serve as replacements. They’ll be coming in by the hundreds in a dozen batches. It will take me a year, at the least-â€Å" â€Å"From where do they come? From where?† â€Å"From any of a million worlds. We want a variety of horticultural knowledge. Any citizen of the Empire can qualify.† â€Å"From Trantor, too?† â€Å"No, not from Trantor. There is no one from Trantor in the gardens.† His voice grew contemptuous. â€Å"You can’t get a gardener out of Trantor. The parks they have here under the dome aren’t gardens. They are potted plants and the animals are in cages. Trantorians, poor specimens that they are, know nothing about open air, free water, and the true balance of nature.† â€Å"All right, Gruber. I will now give you a job. It will be up to you to get me the names of every new gardener scheduled to arrive over the coming weeks. Everything about them. Name. World. Reference number. Education. Experience. Everything. I want it all here on my desk just as quickly as possible. I’m going to send people to help you. People with machines. What kind of a computer do you use?† â€Å"Only a simple one for keeping track of plantings and species and things like that.† â€Å"All right. The people I send will be able to do anything you can’t do. I can’t tell you how important this is.† â€Å"If I should do this-â€Å" â€Å"Gruber, this is not the time to make bargains. Fail me and you will not be Chief Gardener. Instead, you will be discharged without a pension.† Alone again, Seldon barked into his communication wire, â€Å"Cancel all appointments for the rest of the afternoon.† He then let his body flop in his chair, feeling every bit of his fifty years and feeling his headache worsen. For years, for decades, security had been built up around the Imperial Palace grounds, thicker, more solid, more impenetrable, as each new layer and each new device was added. And every once in a while, hordes of strangers were let into the grounds. No questions asked, probably, but one: â€Å"Can you garden?† The stupidity involved was too colossal to grasp. And he had barely caught it in time. Or had he? Was he, even now, too late? 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Case Study of Asic Vs Adler - Free Sample Assignment Solution

Question: Case Study: Asic Vs Adler. Answer: The case revolves around Adler who was a non-executive director of HIH. On the other hand, Williams held the position of the director and the chief executive officer and Dominic Federa maintained the position of the director and financial controller. However, Adler made some requisition and Williams together with Fodera made some arrangements of the advance of ten million dollars from a subsidiary of HIH. Adler was the officer of Santow J to the Pacific Eagle Equity Pty Limited a newly formed organization by him. The purpose was to make profitable trades and investments for HIHC. Moreover, on the next period the company purchased the HIH shares that amounted to the value of three point nine million dollars. The ASIC came to the conclusion that Adlers main intention was to purchase the shares in order to support the HIH share cost for his benefit of his personal HIH shareholding. In addition to that, the Australian Equities Unit Trust was established and PEE was made the trustee. The units of several classes got issued to the HIHC and the Adler organization that was controlled by Adler. The investment of HIHC of ten million dollars that included the HIH shares got purchased with it and later on became part of the trust. Moreover, the HIH shares were later sold at a loss of two point one million dollars on the month of September the year 2000. From August to September the year 2000, Adler made AEUT to buy from his company various investments that were not listed in technology and other internet corporations. The AEUT lost the three investments that amounted to more than three million point dollars. From July to November the year 2000, Adler made PEE to make various unsecured loans that totaled to two million dollars to the organizations that were associated with him. The ASIC had alleged that it was disadvantageous to the AEUTS corporation. However, the ASIC brought various proceedings against Adler, Williams, and Fodera as they alleged the contravention of the associated party transaction. The financial status assistance and the duty provisions of the Directors regarding the Corporation Act were also contravened (Clarke et al, 2003). The case highly reminds the directors of their duties and responsibilities while within the organization. The directors of the company did not act according to their expected ways as outlined by the law. The arising issues were the payment of the ten million dollars that was carried out by an HIH subsidiary to a corporation that Adler was the sole director. All the transactions were carried out without any board member approval and also no disclosure was done to the investment committee of HIH. There was also no documentation of the loans being issued or any form of security that was laid out. The payment was done and it never came to the attention of the other HIH directors who had to be notified of any transaction. Adler had contravened various sections of the Act that stipulated the directors duties. The duties and responsibilities breached include the duty to always act with care and diligence. The directors are supposed to comply with section 180 of the act. They should make the business decisions in good faith and for the best purposes without any personal interest. Adler had made the decisions for his benefit and that of his newly formed company (Bevans, 2007). Secondly, they were supposed to act in good faith and for a better purpose to the organization. The section 181 was breached by the directors and Adler failed to make the appropriate disclosure of where the cash was intended to be directed. He made sure that his personal interest of protecting his shareholding of HIH that was in conflict with the interests of the enterprise. On the other hand, Adler had also breached his duty of acquiring the three unlisted technology investments to PEE and the unsecured loans from AEUT. Thirdly, the duty not to improperly use position was also breached. The section 182 of the act states that any officer, director or employee of any institution should not at any given time improperly use their positions for their advantage. Adler breached the conduct by supporting the cost of shares for his benefit. Williams also misused his position by authorizing the ten million dollars payment without following the correct procedures (El Vault, 2003). Lastly, there was improper use of the information that regarded the company. The section 183 states any member of an organization should not misuse the information they have obtained so as to gain advantage for themselves or other individuals. Moreover, it should not cause any detriment to the company. Adler breached the section by using the information for his advantage and that of his corporation. It concerned the investment committee procedures and investing guidelines. He made sure that the HIH invested the money in the proper way that would lead to him gaining more advantage and profits. The directors breached the act by taking part in actions that are prohibited. It is their role to act according to the act as stipulated by the law and for the smooth running of the corporation. The tribunal decision was to ban Adler acting as director of any company for twenty years a she had violate the legislation outlined in the act. He breached various sections of the act that were supposed to be followed by the directors, employees and other members of the company. Breaching the Corporations Act had to be penalized as it was against the law and the people had to follow it as required. Williams and Adler had contravened the sections of the act that had outlined the duties and responsibilities of the directors in a particular company. The Supreme Court ruled out that Williams was disqualified to being a director of any corporation for a period of ten years. Williams was found guilty of breaching the section 180 and 182 of the Corporation Act and other convictions were entered against the associates. The decision of the court was important to ensure that other persons with similar motives do not breach the act. It was to set an example to other directors of various organi zations and also caution them on the consequences of not following the act. They should respect the Corporation Act and run the organization as expected without any favor or self-interest. The court of law ensures that all the individuals follow the law and those that violate are dealt with and heavy penalties imposed on them (Hill McDonnell, 2012). In conclusion, Adler used his position by ensuring that the ten million dollars was paid to his newly formed company for his interest. He took advantage of the HIH was investing in conservative ways and gave them an option that would be advantageous to him. On the other hand, Williams authorized the payment without the correct procedures or following up to know the exact truth of the matter. The misuse of the information was also seen as Adler used his knowledge to acquire the funds and increase his shareholding in the HIH. The issue later caused deterioration in the company as there were no interests gained. The HIH was supposed to invest and acquire favorable interests that would help them gain profits. The Supreme Court penalized the directors and imposed heavy penalties for violating the Corporations Act. Adler was banned being a director for twenty years while Williams was disqualified for ten years. It was important for them to get punished for their mistakes and neglecting the ir duties and responsibilities in the organization. References Wheelen, T. L., Hunger, J. D. (2002).Strategic management and business policy. Reading, Mass. [u.a.: Addison-Wesley. Clarke, F. L., Dean, G. W., Oliver, K. G. (2003).Corporate collapse: Accounting, regulatory and ethical failure. Cambridge [u.a.: Cambridge Univ. Press. Hill, C. A., McDonnell, B. H. (2012).Research handbook on the economics of corporate law. Cheltenham, U.K: Edward Elgar. Bevans, N. R. (2007).Business organizations and corporate law. Clifton Park, NY: Thomson Delmar Learning. El, K. Z., Vault (Firm). (2003).Vault guide to corporate law careers. New York: Vault Inc. Lee, D., Swartz, M., American Bar Association. (2007).The corporate, securities, and M A lawyer's job: A survival guide. Chicago: ABA, General Practice, Solo Small Firm Division. Bainbridge, S. (2015).Corporate Law. West Academic. Bainbridge, S. M. (2002).Corporation law and economics. New York, N.Y: Foundation Press. Tomasic, R., Bottomley, S., McQueen, R. (2002).Corporations law in Australia. Sydney: Federation Press. Kraakman, R. H. (2009).The anatomy of corporate law: A comparative and functional approach. Oxford: Oxford University Press.